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H. Street Headed West to Lynden Showing us on the North Side of the StreetSR543 Heading North to CanadaOur Location as you enter our drivewayOur location on the northbound side of H Street as you are headed westTwo customers in line for their drinksOne of our great barista's helping a drive up customerOne of our great barista's agian helping a walk up customer this time

Border Brew Espresso Established in 2000 has a convenient location on the way to or from Canada via WA SR543 that allows you the unique chance to experience a small town, warm and friendly atmosphere of the quaint waterfront town of Blaine, Washington. Our pleasant and helpful staff will create a plethora of Espresso drinks for your enjoyment. Not to mention serving our other menu items such as milkshakes, cookies, muffins, and breakfast sandwiches. Once you have had the pleasure of the Border Brew atmosphere we invite you to join the Border Brew family on our Facebook and Myspace pages.

678 14th Street

Blaine, Washington 98230

         (360) 332-2056

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Border Brew
Border Brew

Hours of Operation


Monday—Friday 5:30 AM-7 PM

Saturday and Sunday 6:30 AM-7 PM


Border Brew
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